Alexander Brackenridge & Janet Naismith

The first verifiable information about our family origins comes from the death certificate of Robert Brackenridge, my great-great grandfather, who passed away in 1879 just a few months short of his 100 th birthday. His parents are identified as Alexander Brackenridge and Janet Naismith who were married on 17 June 1768. Parish Records indicate that Alexander Brackenridge was born 26 April 1738 in Rountreebarn, Lanarkshire and that his father was William Brackenridge. No birth date for Janet Naismith has been found. In addition to Robert (b. 1780), they had sons William (b. 1772) and Alexander (b. 1777), John (1782), a daughter Janet (b. 1779), and possibly others.

crofter's cottage

The Brackenridges were “crofters” who were living on Aikenhead Farm, (Nackerty) in 1780 not far from Old Monkland Parish Church when their son Robert was born. Other Brackenridge relatives farmed in nearby Uddingston and Holytown, and according to one source, some were landowners or tenant farmers rather than crofters. Even today the name Brackenridge is associated with Lanarkshire farming. Not far from the town of Strathaven in Lanarkshire are farms bearing the titles “Little Brackenridge, “East Brackenridge,” and “North Brackenridge,” confirming the presence of a Brackenridge agricultural heritage in that general area.

East Brackenridge Farm Bruce 1993

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